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3-Phase Process

1) Planning Phase

  • Situation Analysis
    Perform an extensive on-site review of the client's needs. Develop a comprehensive understanding of the organization, culture, business goals and position requirements.
  • Position Specification
    Define the project objectives. Prepare a written specification to include responsibilities, qualifications, ideal characteristics and criteria for success. Communicate objectives and specification back to the client for final approval of position summary.
  • Search Strategy
    Define a custom universe of target companies from which the qualified individuals and candidates may be selected that includes industry, competition, product type and geographical location. Identify and pinpoint all information sources.

2) Implementation Phase

  • Field Search
    Identify, contact and interest "high potential" prospects and industry sources. Qualify "A players" to arrange interviews with MIXTEC partners.
  • Prospect Interviews
    Select and interview qualified prospects with genuine interest. Discuss and evaluate past performance and consider potential cultural fit.
  • Presentation of Candidates
    Submit detailed background reports for the 3-4 most qualified candidates. Check professional references to satisfy the MIXTEC standard of appropriate experience.
  • Client Interviews
    Arrange for client and candidates to mutually explore their suitability and interest levels. Provide detailed feedback to client and candidate after each interview.

3) Closure

  • Negotiations
    Advise on a compensation package upon request and/or assist client discussions resulting in the preferred candidate's acceptance of client's employment offer.
  • Assimilation
    Maintain an ongoing dialog with both the client and the successful candidate to ensure a smooth integration as well as achievement of performance goals.

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The Search Process