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WestMark Group has worked with MIXTEC for more than a decade and our experience has been exemplified by their professionalism, outstanding service, and uniformly positive results.
Mark Burrell, WestMark Group

I’ve been very satisfied working with MIXTEC Group on several placements over the years. From a thorough needs assessment to their professional vetting, they’ve always narrowed the field to make my selection difficult, because any of the candidates would fit the bill! The entire team at MIXTEC is a pleasure to work with.
– Kevin Moffitt, Pear Bureau Northwest

We have enjoyed a successful, long-term relationship with MIXTEC and worked on multiple search projects together. The one thing we can always count on is the quality of their work. They introduce us to qualified candidates that are diverse enough to provide options that best suit our unique culture. Every person that’s joined us through MIXTEC has found a home in our organization and continues to move our business forward.
– Justin Parnagian, Fowler Packing Company

We chose to use the MIXTEC Group because they are immersed in the fresh produce industry. Their passion and insider knowledge added the key element to find exactly the type of professional we were looking for. We selected a candidate that we would never have found on our own and is one of the best ever additions to our team.
– Mark Sedlacek, Sugar Foods Corporation

Finding a President that would understand our unique business model and culture was really important for us. We selected MIXTEC because of the extensive work they did to get to know us in the beginning. It was the right choice. After an exhaustive search, we hired a President that not only is tremendously valuable to our organization but also has fit in well with our people oriented culture.
– Phil Gumpert, Tom Lange Company

When Potatoes USA had to replace our CEO, we looked for a recruiting firm that could deliver impressive results to satisfy our 100-member board. MIXTEC was the right choice. They offered exceptional attention to detail, communicated clearly and coordinated each step of the process with precision. Most importantly, their customized search led to a CEO that is consistently driving positive results for us and for our 2500 members.
– Rob Davis, RHD Inc.